Our Story

The first futteralhaus was designed and built in 2011 to fulfill a personal need when Maxim Kurennoy and his wife had their first child. Frustrated with inflated property prices and the challenges in finding the right property and location, Maxim decided to pre-build a tiny house on his own and transport it to a rural spot of their choice. Being an architect by profession and a minimalist by nature, Maxim has always been passionate about maximising space and making the most of compact living

It wasn’t long before Maxim’s friends started asking him to build these tiny houses for them. He realised that it was the perfect solution for many others like him. 

With futteralhaus, we are on a mission to strip away the mind-boggling complexities involved in buying a house. We want to make it as simple as placing an order on Amazon. But most importantly, we are revolutionising simple smart living.